So who exactly is Hubcat?

Hi there, I’m Hubcat.  I am here to help the Hub spread the good word on school libraries and teacher librarians.  I’m from New York originally, but I had to leave there due to some … unpleasantness.  I borrowed a library book from an upstate library in 1998 and forgot to return it.  A couple of months ago the library police came collecting.  I ran like crazy through Manhattan and eventually lost the chopper by travelling under the Brooklyn Bridge.  Scary times.

In California I met some Hubbers at a conference and they invited me to Australia to join their cause.  Since library fines do not carry over between countries I leapt at the opportunity.

I am learning that school libraries all over Australia are in trouble.  Years ago, your Australian government used to give lots of money to the states to make sure all students had a great library that was run by a real live teacher librarian. Then one day, about thirty years ago, they stopped giving the money, and ever since then, libraries haven’t done so well.  Now there are Australian kids everywhere who don’t have much access to a library, and teachers who don’t have anyone to keep track of all the great books, DVDs, websites,  and other stuff out there to help them be even better teachers.

The thing that surprises me the most though, is that most people I meet don’t even seem to know what a teacher librarian is!  Crazy.  Where I’m from, there’s been lots of clever people keeping track of schools that have teacher librarians, and they keep discovering that kids who have a great library and a teacher librarian do much better at school.    But I’m just a library cat.   If you want to know more, then you need to go visit my friends at The Hub.  They can tell you lots more.

I’m here to help The Hub get people talking about school libraries.  I’m also looking for schools that still have teacher librarians, so I can visit and meet great Australian principals who love their libraries!

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