Hubcat goes to Geelong

I am finally out of the Spotswood Quarantine Center (sorry, centre) and I am heading to Geelong!  While in Spotswood I chatted with some kids who were visiting the Scienceworks Museum and they told me they had a school library that was staffed by a qualified teacher librarian!  That deserves an award so I am heading to Geelong to find their school and make a presentation to the principal.

To help me find Geelong I have done a lookup on Google maps and it tells me it’s west of Spotswood.  I have also discovered it is home to the Geelong Cats football team!  That is a very good omen for my first public appearance in Australia. 

I love sports almost as much as I love reading.  I think I will make Geelong my favourite football team.  Does anyone know which ice hockey team I should follow while I am in Australia?   I saw some type of ball game being played on an oval near my home. There was a red oval ball and people were kicking it all over the place and running in every direction.  They seemed to get upset at the ball because sometimes they would punch it.  Someone jumped on someone else’s back and I thought they were going to start playing piggybacks.  It all looked very dangerous and I had to go and lie down for a while.  I have decided to call this game FrenzyBall.

I think I like soccer most of all.  In soccer you are not allowed to use your hands which gives me a big advantage as I have four paws and I can stand upright on two of them.  This lets me run around carrying the ball in my paws and throwing it into the goal.  At least I used to before they banned me.

Apparently it’s a good time to go to Geelong. The cats are playing in a Grand Final game in a few days, so lots of interesting things are happening in town.   I might even get to see Karl Stefanovic on Friday!

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  1. You couldn’t have chosen a better football team! Go cats!

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