Hubcat Arrives in Australia

Hi there, I’m Hubcat.  I am here to help the Hub spread the good word on school libraries and teacher librarians.  I have made the trip from America. I’m from New York originally, I had to leave there due to some … unpleasantness.  I borrowed a library book from an upstate library in 1998 and forgot to return it.  A couple of months ago the library police came collecting.  I heard them shout out at the front door and I hightailed it out the back window before they had broken through.  I ran like crazy through Manhattan and eventually lost the chopper by travelling under the Brooklyn Bridge.  Scary times.

In California I met some Hubbers at a conference and they invited me to Australia to join their cause.  Since library fines do not carry over between countries I leapt at the opportunity.

I had heard Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city with exotic dining and eclectic shopping but I have to say the Spotswood quarantine station has not lived up to my expectations.  I get the same food every day and I have a cat run that is about the same size as my old laundry.  The good news is I arrived just at the right time, with the Olympics on widescreen TV in every cat run.

Some bozo designed this station so the dog area was in plain sight of the cat area.  We have a bunch of mongrels in there who just wont shut up.  Every time I leave the shelter and sprint up and down the cat run it’s like I’ve entered the Beijing Bird’s Nest at the end of the marathon.

I have started earning a bit of extra money already, doing Westgate Bridge traffic reports for a breakfast radio station.  It gets difficult with all the barking.  If there is one thing I’ve learnt since arriving in Australia it’s that you shouldn’t drive to work between 8:15 and 8:45am.

I am looking forward to starting my work for the Hub and you might see me at some events.

Here is a picture from Google Street View of the beautiful surroundings of the Spotswood Quarantine Centre:

Picturesque Spotswood Quarantine Station

Picturesque Spotswood Quarantine Station

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There is plenty of parking for visitors.

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  1. Welcome to Australia! You’ve picked the right country — originally settled by convicts — it’s the perfect get-a-way for overdue offenders on the lam.

    I Look forward to reading of your adventures while you’re here.

  2. Hubcat seems to have run away!! There were rumors of a brief sighting out in Perth at a school library conference, but since then, nothing. We are very worried and hope he can at least send a message to let us know he is healthy and well fed.
    Hugs from Dewey Readmore

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